Executive Director’s Report

It is very hard to believe how much we accomplished in 2011 and in the first months of 2012, and this newsletter definitely showcases our museum’s progress.

The MAAFM continues to present the WWII history of “America’s First Defense Airport” to visitors, students, and historians on a day-to-day bases and to honor the contributions of our WWII and other veterans. Our events and programs are interesting, educational and fun.

I welcome Chuck Wyble as our new museum president. Chuck has been a member of the MAAFM board for many years and stepped right into this new role without hesitation. Russell Davis now serves as our museum chairman. The two of them, along with Bob Trivellini, vice president; Jerry Benfer, secretary; John Knoop, treasurer; John Flint, historian; and the rest of our board members, make a great leadership team!

The MAAFM administrative team also includes our staff, museum membership, and volunteers. Each day we are reminded that we cannot accomplish our mission alone and we thank this core group of individuals for their hard work and dedication to our mission. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Bonnie Henderson, a long-time museum volunteer and employee, for her many years of service.

The unexpected cancellation of the Blue Angels for our Millville Airshow in May 2011 certainly presented a challenge, but our dedicated group of volunteers pulled together to help make it a fantastic aviation event regardless. Many thanks go out to these individuals and groups for numerous volunteer hours and dedicated support. We also thank your many sponsors for their understanding and support. Thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, and two beautiful sunny days, Millville Airshow 2011 was a success!

We invite all of you to please stop by and visit the Millville Army Air Field Museum. There are many new exhibits that are worth the trip and we would love for you to share your interesting experiences with us.

In 2012 and ongoing, we are looking forward to continuing our mission and reaching the many new goals our future holds!

— Lisa Jester


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